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Welcome - Fáilte
Welcome to the website of Star of the Sea Church. The church is one of two churches in the parish of Laytown-Mornington.
We hope that you find the site useful for information on masses, sacraments and other church events as well as keeping up -to-date with what's happening in our community and parish.

Priests of the Parish
Cemetery Devotions & Blessing of Graves 2024

Fr. Ciprian Solomon
Tel: 041 9827384


Fr. Denis McNelis  P.P.
Laytown (041 9827258)

Parish Office Hours
Mon/Wed/Fri:  10.00am - 2.00pm

Calvary:               Sunday 16th June at 3.00pm
Reilig Mhuire:      Sunday 16th June at 7.00pm
St. Peter’s:            Sunday 30th June at 3.00pm
Newtown Cross:   Sunday 30th June at 5.00pm

We ask parishioners :
· To tidy your graves for Cemetery Sunday
· As an act of kindness think of those who do not have family & tidy their graves and …
· Please bring all your rubbish etc. home.
Mass Times
Day for Life

Saturday Vigil:









8.45am Mass followed by Adoration





Sunday 16 June, the Church marks Day for Life 2024 with a message on the theme:  The Lord is my shepherd - Compassion and Hope at the End of Life.
This year’s message reminds us that Jesus did not send the sick away, rather He showed that life always has dignity and that there is no such a thing as a useless life.  Catholics are called to defend this gift of life to its natural end and to protect vulnerable citizens from a culture that could pressure them into assisted suicide.  In this way, we are encouraged to support people with the companionship of a listening ear, appropriate treatment, and the best of care, so that their last days can be times of grace, intimacy and love.
Eucharistic Adoration
Mass Cards

Eucharistic Adoration

Wednesdays 9.30am-8pm
All who can are encouraged to come & pray for an end to this pandemic.  
Due to COVID Restrictions a signing in sheet will not be in place but a record of attendance will be kept.

Every Saturday

After 6pm Vigil Mass

Mass Cards for the Dead, Birthday Remembrance, Special Occasion, Get Well & Christmas Mass Bouquets etc. are available in the Parish Office Mon/Wed/Fri 10am-1pm.

Parish Preparation Programme for First Communion

Saturday 4th May at 6.00pm Mass

First Holy Communion

Saturday 11th May 10.00am:  Donacarney Boys N.S.

Saturday 11th May 12 noon:  Donacarney Girls N.S.

Click Here for the 'Confirming Our Children' 2023/2024 Parish Preparation Programme for Confirmation

Mornington Parish / Confirming Our Children
Parish Based Preparation Programme for Confirmation

Mornington, Co. Meath - Tel. (041) 9827384 -
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